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Arriving Since Dawn by Stewart S. WarrenArriving Since Dawn
poems of personal initiation

The subtitle of this work, initiation, might suggest the obtainment of a thing, a single event or the acquisition of a status.  Rather, initiation, as Stewart Warren experiences it, is preparation for entry into a new phase of personal evolution.  The poems in Arriving Since Dawn are not the thing itself, but always pointers, a getting ready, an attempt to translate into viable symbolism or correspondence the energies that reveal the trajectory of our becoming. Some of this work has the rough edge of outlaw hurt songs, some of it feels like ceremony.

Not in accord with any single tradition, the poet uses what he believes is the only true compass, his direct experience and verification of the heart.  All is personal alchemy here and therefore replete with heartache as well as hope.  Love rules in these poems, in these explorations where the recognition and casting aside of that which is “not self” is the fire and water that burns and washes, that transforms.  There is a felt sense in this poetry that the earth is wise, consciousness is safe, and life is ever conspiring on our behalf.


In Time with Her, poetry by Stewart S. Warren


In Time with Her

A collection of twenty five poems that find awe in place, solace in silence, the mighty heart yearning, and the soul present and available.

ZigZag Ascension by Stewart S. Warren
ZigZag Ascension

In Zig-Zag Ascension, Stewart Warren's alchemy of words and key phrases offer us clear touchstones of meaning and generously leave us in freedom to flesh them out in ways that are our own. Always mining his own depths, while staying keenly aware of the natural world, he ties the two together so tight, it leaves you slightly breathless. Here Warren has created magical moments for us to inhabit, and each poem makes us increasingly aware of our dual-citizenship, that of both heaven and earth.


the juice that moves, Stewart S. Warren


the juice that moves

In this, his twenty second poetry collection, Stewart Warren returns to the fundamental wisdom of his beloved American Southwest and his personal journey through ever deepening landscapes of mystic portent. With a foundation of the Western Tradition, both native and Hermetic, the voice of the troubadour considers the emergent heart of humankind in a down-to-earth vernacular that is both rhythmic and lyric.

Awesome Povery by Stewart S. Warren
Awesome Poverty: poems

Awesome Poverty by Stewart S. Warren is an enlightening, soulful collection of poetry to be savored in tranquil contemplation. The creator of several highly regarded and cherished books in the Hermetic tradition, Warren engages the spirit in esoteric ways that expand consciousness with imagination and depth. His celebration of existence and empowering essence feels effortless and flowing. These poems are imbued with beauty and magic and guide us on meaningful journeys to serene yet alluring realms. This compilation also includes a compelling introduction by the visionary artist Carmen Sorrenti.

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Stewart Warren, writer, evocateurStewart S. Warren
writer, evocateur, catalyst for positive community

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