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Stewart Warren - Project 2012: Closing Comments
Stewart S. Warren Poetry with Music

Project 2012: Closing Comments

Free to Download and Enjoy!



Poetry Selections with music by Will Yoder
(this is the previous collection from 2011)

The Little Flame
From Here I Stand
Ever Near
Only If I Turn
Sound of Sunday


The MP3's on this page are not for sale; they are free of charge.  Music rights belong to individual musicians or musical groups.  Poems are copyrighted ©Stewart Warren. Please share.

Click on title to play in the music player on your browser, or right click and "Save target as..." to play later from your computer or other device.

Poetry Selections with music by various artists
(Closing Comments - new work, Autumn of 2012)

Bernalillo, Kewa, Corn
Crossing Town
House Spiders
More So
Palm of the Wind
Sister of the Narrows
Spring Tide
Stone Circle
The Road of Us
To Be Blue
Unknown Hour

I hope some of these pieces make it to your playlist. Send your comments: Contact

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