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P U B L I S H I N G   w i t h   M E R C U R Y   H E A R T L I N K  

Print on Demand Publishing / Creative Layout and Design

Print on Demand Publishing in New Mexico


Have an Idea for a Book?
Mercury HeartLink Publishing, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mercury HeartLink Publishing Services:
  • Legacy Publishing
  • Coaching & Consultation
  • Complete Interior Design and Layout
  • Graphics and Cover Design
  • ISBNs with Barcodes
  • Inclusion on
       (and other online sales channels)
  • You receive All Royalties from Amazon
  • You receive All Profits from sales you make
  • Print on Demand (as many as you want, when you want)

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Additional Services:

Website Development
   (Internet Presence to accompany your books)
Audio Voice Recording for CD (and archival)
Posters and Flyers
for Book Signings/Readings
eBook Options
(Kindle and other)
, Business Cards, more…
Bookmarks, and so forth

Mercury HeartLink accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

After several years of researching and experimenting
with software, formats and technique, I now offer:

Mercury HeartLink Shorebird for Kindle and ePub

ePub and Kindle Publishing


Congratulations Mercury HeartLink Press awards recipients

Orchid of the Night
J. S. Bodin

be... psalms of a contemplative heart
by maggi a. petton

Secrets of the Blue Door
by Pierre L. Nichols

Rabbit Sun, Lotus Moon
Andrea Millenson Penner


Autism: A Dad's Journey
Luis M. Bayardo


Jeanne Shannon
Scota’s Harp
Michele Buchanan

psalms of the broken hearted
maggi a. petton

Hush Hush and Other Veneers: a memoir
Alexandra Dell'Amore

Dorothea and Preston: a story of love
David Bachelor

A Mother's Story: Angie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Maggie C. Romero

Ditchbank Diaries: Haibuñera from the Land of Enchantment
by Shirley Balance Blackwell
Mercury HeartLink, NM-AZ book awards
Piggybacked: poems by Joanne S. Bodin

In A Rose Wood Wandering by Jeanne Shannon

Already There
: poems by Shirley Balance Blackwell

Fixed and Free: poetry anthology 2011 editors: Brown, Candela, Schwartz, Warren
Mercury HeartLink, NM-AZ book awards

Publisher’s Note

Established in 1994, Mercury HeartLink evolved from HeartLink Integration Therapy, a family systems counseling practice and healing events enterprise.  At that time activities were expanded to include Internet based projects and printing solutions that foster humanistic values and creative access to information.

As an alternative to large commercial publishing houses and the unguided and less professional endeavors of self-publishing, Mercury HeartLink works closely with writers and other artists to offer solutions that are client-centered and to provide support in the larger realm of self-realization.

Mercury HeartLink welcomes individual and collaborative works of educational, cultural and community value. These may include creative non-fiction, memoir and poetry, but all have two things in common: an authenticity on the part of the author and a responsibility for positive social impact.

Stewart S. Warren,
Silver City, New Mexico

Let's visit about your project:  tel. 505.881.2499