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Tarot and Poetry Books by Stewart S. Warren

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the juice that moves, Stewart S. Warren


the juice that moves

In this, his twenty second poetry collection, Stewart Warren returns to the fundamental wisdom of his beloved American Southwest and his personal journey through ever deepening landscapes of mystic portent. With a foundation of the Western Tradition, both native and Hermetic, the voice of the troubadour considers the emergent heart of humankind in a down-to-earth vernacular that is both rhythmic and lyric.

Awesome Povery by Stewart S. Warren
Awesome Poverty: poems

Awesome Poverty by Stewart S. Warren is an enlightening, soulful collection of poetry to be savored in tranquil contemplation. The creator of several highly regarded and cherished books in the Hermetic tradition, Warren engages the spirit in esoteric ways that expand consciousness with imagination and depth. His celebration of existence and empowering essence feels effortless and flowing. These poems are imbued with beauty and magic and guide us on meaningful journeys to serene yet alluring realms. This compilation also includes a compelling introduction by the visionary artist Carmen Sorrenti.


Morning Glow: reflections by Stewart Warren with Ruthanne Martin

Morning Glow: reflections

A poetic exploration of wisdom teachings in the Hermetic Tradition.  Here are 81 reflections that arrive through the author's direct inquiry into personal process.  As with much mystic poetry these recitations have the quality of dreams and myths shared by one who has become a "stranger to the world" that he may begin to discover heaven within it.

The reader will find themes that are gnostic, alchemical and Sophianic, but moreover may expect to be drawn more deeply into their Imagination, into more direct communion with the design and intention of their own journey.  The author has also included an adaptation of the Emerald Tablet, an act that he hopes will encourage others to write their own interpretation of this precious and living gem.

Introduction by Ruthanne Martin

Way of the Current: Tarot Reflections, Stewart Warren

Way of the Current:
Tarot Reflections

Way of the Current: Tarot Reflections by Stewart S. Warren explores all 78 cards of the Tarot using images from the Tarot de Marseille by Jean Dodal from 1701, restituted by Jean-Claude Flornoy. Influenced, though not exclusively, by Pythagorean Number System, the Four Elements and the Qabalah Tree of Life, the author suggests a logical and mystical continuity within and across the three components of the deck. Neither a first primer nor an academic work, this compact book (5” x 7”, 186 pages) assumes some familiarity with the Tarot tradition, or an interest in learning.

While references to Hermetic teachings underlie these lyric musings, anyone with an interest in mysticism, both ancient and modern, will be stimulated at a soul level.

The 79 entries (twice the Fool), which accompany black and white images, are succinct and poetic, encouraging the reader to inquire more deeply into their own psyche and gnosis. As the Introduction suggests, “…those who have a beginners mind may find fresh perspectives and inspiration for further reflection.”

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Review by Arnell Ando on her website!  or PDF here!

humanKind by Stewart S. Warren


humanKind: poems from inner and outer space

Stewart Warren's latest collection, humanKind, offers a poetry that revolves quite beautifully, quite comfortably, in the numinous universe of two great mystic poets of the English language, William Blake and W. B. Yeats, who share with Warren a fascination and facility for cloaking the rich wisdom of the mystery schools in the garb of their time.

[from the Introduction by Rachel Kellum]

Powers & Patterns: poems from the Tarocchi de Mantegna
Powers & Patterns: poems from the Tarocchi de Mantegna

Along with introductions by Tarot historians Morena Poltronieri, Patrick Cog and Simon Wintle, Powers & Patterns includes the 50 cards (color scans) of the Tarocchi de Mantegna with poems by Stewart S. Warren on the facing pages.

"These Tarot cards trace history; they describe the myth and teach how to see merely beyond looking. They don’t uncover: they reveal. Their shadowy veil is not one that obscures, but protects. And, thanks to this body of work by Stewart Warren, we can close our eyes and trust ourselves to listen. We can hear the ancient canticles, those which hide a secret code linked to man’s existence. And from the canto (derived from the word ‘incanto’, to mean ‘enchanting’) the poem becomes accessible not only from understanding the Tarot, but from hearing them also."     [from the introduction by Morena Poltronieri]

"Powers & Patterns: poems from the Tarocchi de Mantegna" includes these introductions:

"Revealing the Mysteries" by Morena Poltronieri
"An Initiatic Voyage" by Patrick Cog
"A Humanist World View" by Simon Wintle

Read a Review by Arnell Ando here!

All Love Goes Before Me on
In All Love Goes Before Me Stewart Warren invites us to journey with him through the Major Arcana of the Sola Busca Tarot on the symbolic pathways of poetry.  Influenced by, but not dependent upon, traditions of Neo-Platonism, Hermeticism, Alchemy, and other mystery schools, Warren allows these images from the 15th century to speak, not only across six centuries of mysticism and philosophic exploration, but from the interior of our soul—a place this poet trusts is accessible to all who enter.

The small poems, which accompany the full-color images provided by Osvaldo Menegazzi from Milano, Italy, are offered in the spirit of Tarot that they might resonate within the reader and spawn original and deeper connections to that which we are.
With a Preface by Giordano Berti,
and Introduction by Dr. Cristina Dorsini

Pointing to my Heart on Amazon.comThe Visconti-Sforza Tarot is perhaps the oldest extant Tarot pack in our possession, and continues to be the object of considerable investigation and speculation about the affairs of church and state in mid 15th century Italy, and the teachings of philosophy and other mysteries of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.  For Stewart Warren the Visconti-Sforza Tarot is a hand-held art collection and tool that one may use as a set of flashcards for reflection on our personal and universal condition and evolution.

Pointing to my Heart is a collection of twenty two poems provided side by side with corresponding color images of the Triumphs from this historic deck.  Card images are reproduced here unaltered and in their original state, including nail holes where they were evidently fixed to a wall or other surface where they might interact on a regular basis with admirers, students and adepts of an earlier age.  The poems, accompanied by full-color images provided by Osvaldo Menegazzi from Milano, Italy, are offered in the spirit of Tarot that they might resonate within the reader and spawn original and deeper connections to the remarkable mysteries inherent within us.

With an Introduction by Arnell Ando

Hieros Gamos: Benediction of the Tarot -- poems by Stewart S. Warren

Hieros Gamos: Benediction of the Tarot

"The poetry of this intriguing volume, illumined by the 22 Tarot trumps, is a paean celebrating the 'Holy Marriage' of 'Sacred Complements' at all levels of existence--the union of male and female, of matter and consciousness, of flesh and divinity." 

Margaret Starbird, "The Woman with the Alabaster Jar," and "Tarot Trumps and the Holy Grail: Great Secrets of the Middle Ages."

With a Preface by Christine Payne-Towler
and an Introduction by Robert M. Place

Friend: poems for travellers

Friend is an assemblage of poems for pilgrims, for those who walk and work in the world but know that their sojourn has origins and destinations beyond the stories of who we think we are. A friend on this journey is a fellow traveller—sometimes seen, sometimes not.  Ultimately, the friend is the teacher we come to know as our self. 

This little book of lyric reflections is offered in friendship, and hopes to be an obliging companion.

Kindle edition here!


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